A Generation Social on Internet Alone at Home

To be frank enough, before penning down thoughts on this topic, I have already written and deleted heaps of content because the topic in itself is very close to anyone’s heart. When we talk about millennial we see they are always hooked on something. Brilliant, fast, intelligent human beings trying to run fast at times faster than life, trying to achieve, striving to learn something new, trying to build a new India. Sharing their thoughts on social media or expressing displeasure on something they have seen wrong happening.

They are always hooked on something. If we see coming generations like our nephews and niece or sons – daughters we will find that they are booming techies. They would know about any new gadget that’s coming, they would know about any new feature in any new smartphone is coming. Today technology has changed the way children used to think.

I remember one instance from school about our multimedia lab, we got access to it when we were in class tenth and as it was something very-very sacrosanct to school, they use to hold minimum classes there so that the equipment’s stay protected. We used to run on fields, play volleyball, cricket basketball and cables were disconnected while exams.

That was the fear in our parent’s minds about we being hooked to the media and we might change and question them without having our own opinion. Like in any Ekta Kapoor show an extra marital affair is very common and that extra marital affair is by the most admired and adorable son in the family. Nobody says anything to him so parents at that time didn’t wanted us to have that kind of opinion and they were protective. Today if we see such things are readily available to children.
Remember those days studying without electricity, bathing in rain, playing Kancha, playing gilli danda etc was fun.

Physical and Mental well being – There was a clear focus on physical and mental well being of a child. Today every school is reliant on technology and trying to find new ways to make a fool out of parents and mint money but where are the values. Kids now a days don’t respect. I could see many of them hitting their dads at restaurants for not fulfilling their need.

Also If you see students with week eyesight at that time and now the number now will be far higher. I still have 6/6 and so do 80% of our team. But now a days when I see my cousins 10 years younger to me, all of them have spectacles.

Emotional Well Being – A kid from 85-90 time will be more emotionally connected to his parents, friends, grandparents and other human beings around. 5-10 years later, kids really don’t care about emotions at all and they only care about materialistic things like listed above.

Respectful and Value System – Kids today argue then to respect. Of-course 90’s guys also used to put there point of views but they learn to stay quiet when it’s not required. We used to touch feet of our elders and respect them which is now a days not seen any where.

Conclusion – Our value system has changed from respect to arrogance and ego. Earlier we used to think about everybody and now we think about our own self first and then about family and friends. Which is a dangerous scenario for the society. This is the primary reason why we hear that a 9th class kid killed his father or a 14 year old ran away from school and committed suicide because our focus has been to give all comforts to kids and because of which they now have no habit of facing hardships. When they face tough situations they tend to run away and this is where we are failing as a society. We need to take care off coming generation by giving them training on what’s new but with the old value system.

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