BABA OR A BEAST ???? – What must be the Punishment?

OVER the past so many years number of rape cases have been reported in our country. The land which is known to be the land of cultures, where goddesses are worshiped such crimes are really not acceptable. If we go through the data every 15 minutes a women is raped in India and we people talk about respecting women. Leave the respect aside, at least don’t assault them. God has given birth to both men and women with equal dignity and nobody has the right to play with her self-respect.

Recently we have come across the news where “Gurmeet Ram Rahim of dera saccha sauda have been proved guilty of having raped a women. The case started in 2002 and it took 15 years for the case to be solved and judgment to be given but still the people outrage and support such a shameless person. People are burning buses, causing such a massive destruction, 31 people have been reported dead and more than 200 people are wounded. Earlier also we have come across the case of RAMPAL AND AASARAM BAPU who were considered to be the guru’s and followed by so many people.

There is an old saying by

“Kabir – guru govind dono khade kake lage paye. Balhaari guru apne govind diyo bataye……..”

which means that when god and teacher both are standing together, one should touch the feet of teacher bcoz he is one who has shown the path which leads to God. But when preacher is the one like Ram Rahim and Ashram then THE FUTURE IS SURELY GOING TO GET ANNIHILATED.

It is only in our country that these criminals are given the VIP treatment instead of giving them the severe punishments. If the punishments are strong then one would definitely think once before committing such offenses. If we talk about the punishments in other countries then I would like to share some of them:-

AFGHANISTAN – Rape cases are very far and few in Afghanistan, because you’ll be shot in the head within four days of being caught – that or hanged

France – The French are pretty hardcore about their rape laws. They hand out 15 year sentences for rape, which can be extended to 30 or life depending on the extent of damage and brutality.

CHINA – In China, strict punishment is given to rapists. Rape is a brutal crime and a death penalty is declared once the rapist is convicted. This is done by firing a single bullet at the spinal cord joining the neck. Another punishment given to the rapists in China is castration. The same punishment is given for other heinous crimes too. It is worth noting that the court proceedings are very quick.

EGYPT – Punishment of rape in Egypt is death by hanging. This country still follows the old school method for punishment but rape is one crime that deserves death.

CONCLUSION: Women must be respected and the one who hampers her dignity must be hanged to death. People who rape a 4 year old girl or a 10 year old girl must not be left without any action. If they can be so brutal, then they themselves also deserve the brutality.

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