Bajaj Finserv- Why it says “Think it Done”

Time and tide wait for none as the saying says clearly here we see a huge change between the times we were growing and now when we are said to be a part of the millennial generation. As soon as things change consumption patterns of the generations too change. We remember when we used to wait to pass class 10th for our parents to buy television or get cable TV networks or we remember or mothers to save money in the piggy banks every month for washing machine, Television, Refrigerator and other home appliances. Those savings were much needed then because people had limited disposable income and the economy was growing it was difficult for our parents to buy these appliances instantly with a single click on any ecommerce portal like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, SyberPlace or just a small swap on any ICICI Coral Credit Cards, Indusind Credit Cards, SBI cards, American Express cards, Standard Chartered Cards, Citibank Cards it has become damn easy to buy these products instantly with a single swap and with EMI’s. We see new iPhone in everyone hands now , we will surely see the newly launched Apple iPhone X or Samsung note 8 in so many people hands only and only because of the EMI network that Bajaj Finserv is boasting off in the newly launched TVC.

Till now credit cards had mixed demand from market some said it’s good to save your income and earn interest on the income and then pay the bills for interest free period for 45 days on any of these ICICI Coral Credit Cards, Indusind Credit Cards, SBI cards, American Express cards, Standard Chartered Cards, Citibank Cards. People are now getting used to credit cards and it’s now becoming a necessary evil like friction or a necessary have thing because everybody wants everything these days. Now secondly every comfort has an issue or has something uncomfortable attached to it because credit cards take direct interest rate of 13% once you enrol for any EMI thing.

Ironically Bajaj Finserv has bought out a solution for this thing. In easy three steps you can get a Bajaj Finserv card and they won’t even charge interest from you. You can get all the products like Apple IPhone X, Samsung Note 8, MI MAX 2, Samsung S8, Samsung S7 Edge, Apple IPhone 7, Apple iPhone 8 or Apple MacBook Air etc. kind of Gadgets.  All you need to do is carry your Aadhar card to the store available on Bajaj Finserv network or offers a Bajaj Finserv loan. Then you do just a 10% payment as down payment and your rest of the amount is directly paid to the shopkeeper by Bajaj and can you imagine it just happens in less than 5 minutes.

Yes Imagine in less than  five minutes you get your favourite phone from a list of phones Apple iPhone X, Samsung Note 8 , MI MAX 2 , Samsung S8, Samsung S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 8 or Apple MacBook Air and you are done. For an additional amount if 350 Indian Rupees you will get a Bajaj Card from which you can buy products after two three months of first purchase. The card offered by Bajaj has a credit limit of around 100000 Indian rupees. Now imagine how easy the process is, you can use this card on numerous websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc for purchase of these goods online.

This why Bajaj has launched its campaign where they say “Think it’s done “. The tagline means what Bajaj wants to tell its customers that Bajaj Finserv or Bajaj Card has made the process so easy, so seamless that you just need to think for a second and Bajaj Card will do it for you.

There are other brands as well offering similar kind of services like Home Credit India, Home Credit India Mini Cash loan, Moneytap, Cashe, Kissht, Earlysalary etc. In our next article we are going to cover the same.

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