Between A School and A Conductor Child Lost his Childhood

Recently, we all have heard about the most disappointing and painful incident of a 7 year old boy, Prathuman, of Ryan International school Gurugram, Haryana. It makes me really depressed that there is no safety and security for the students in school. What was the fault of that innocent boy? What had he done? Who has given the right to kill a child so mercilessly? The innocent Prathuman died in just 15 minutes of dropping him to school. Some days back a boy of class 4 died in G D Goenka Sonipat and there was no cctv footage available. A 5 year old girl was raped day before yesterday.

Today it is Prathuman, some other day it will be someone else. Where the hell is our government sleeping? Please I pray to the authorities to get up from their slumber and do something. Otherwise the future of our kids as well as girls is in danger. Just to fulfill the sexual desires, anyone can rape, molest or kill a child? Why? Because nobody has fear. Fear of getting punished. I say that these people must be killed by the people with whom they have done wrong.

Sometime congress rules the country and sometimes it is BJP or AAP. When there are elections everybody asks for votes but what the hell is happening in our country. There are no rules for the murderers, criminals, rapists. “Wah Re Mere Desh ka Kanoon.”

Just imagine what the parents of this child must be going protect the rapist Gurmeet Ram Rahim 3lakh people stood up and now not even a single mother stood up by this child’s side. When people can die for him, why can’t we take initiative for our own kids?

When I sit back and imagine how “Prathuman” must have shouted for his life, I have goose bumps and eyes filled with tears. I can imagine my own child, may be, someday going through these kind of is not really safe to send kids to school.

When we stand in traffic jams we become angry, but when it is really the time to show anger, nobody comes forward.

I request Mr. Manish Sisodiya and our honorable prime minister to take some initiative regarding the safety and security in school. All the schools now have cameras in the access of cameras must also be given the parents so that we can see the activities of our kids and can also have peace of mind. All the school buses must also have cctv cameras, only the gps system is not going to work. It is only possible when all the parents unite and raise the voice so that the death of Prathuman doesn’t get wasted. Why not to join hands for our precious generations? I request all the parents to come forward and appeal. Schools say that they can’t show the cctv footages due to their safety concerns, I ask what is the safety they are talking about when kids are dying at such a rapid rate.

I appeal to all the parents of our country to come for the march at India gate on Saturday so that we all can fight for the little Prathuman …………

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