Bhai Moochey hon to Nathulal Jaisi

Who doesn’t know the famous dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan’s Sharaabi film where a slim trim young angry young man Amitabh Bacchan is acting as a spoiled child of a wealthy father? He was raised by famous Mr. Omprakash a.k.a Munshi Ji in Sharaabi film. Munshi ji loves Amitabh to an extent that when Amitabh is thrown out of his dad (Pran’s) bunglow and he craves for whiskey, Munshi ji pulls rikshaw to fulfil his desires.

Moochey hon to Nathulal JaisiOur topic of discussion though in this article is not Amitabh Bachchan, neither it’s his film Sharaabi. It’s the lovely Moustache that Mr. Nathulal is having and we need to check such kind of famous atleast 10 more Moustache in the world. Comeon let’s have a look

Small Face and Big Moustache :- Naam Bade or Darshan Chottey.

Look at this guy, he looks funny right, the first point that comes to our mind after seeing him is that God is never kind on any one, he has too many I mean too many hairs to handle on his small orange shaped face but his moustache is so big that you can fit a globe on his moustache and rotate it look at Asia, Europe, India, China, Australia, America, UK, London, Paris, Bangladesh etc.

High Maintenance Moustache :- Are naayi ka kharcha bahut hai re baba

Look at this one, uncle Sam is never kind when he does anything right, uncle Sam wakes up every morning and looks into the mirror, what he finds any guesses, any guesses high IQ level Millenials no right, he checks all small hair that must have grown out a single dead cell that turned into a hair must a pain in the ass for uncle SAM. He has a three story moustache, three story moustache a single hair extra on right and left must be cut right to look best uncle Sam moustache .

Mhaare Tau ki Dhadhi – moustache of my uncle

This is the Indian Style desi Taau sitting somewhere in Rajasthan desert and enjoying life under the sun, yes we would say enjoying life because he is not someone like in Gurgaon who loves to party every weekend and feels depressed if he doesn’t. He just need a little bit of water and a bit of smoke may be in a hookah or in a bidi. But look into His eyes, he looks serious yet he smiles.’

The star fish moustache

Another high maintenance moustache looks like this guy has taken a hell lot of inspiration from star fish, Star fish looks like exactly the same. Look at his expressions, it must be difficult for him to eat and his gel expense must be bigger than his own home.

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