Blue Whale Challenge ……Deadly Game

The blue whale game is a “suicide game” which targets mostly the teenagers. The most popularly known THE BLUE WHALE GAME was created by Philip Budeikin of Russia in 2013. He is currently in Kresty prison in St. Petersburg with charges of encouraging 16 young teenage girls to kill themselves. He considers weaker people as ‘biological waste’ which should be removed. He also says that through this game he is cleaning the society. He was a psychology student who was expelled from the school.

It is a game between the two parties a group of administrators give task to the participants to complete daily. The process goes on for 50 DAYS. Different tasks are given till 50 days like:

  • Listening to certain genres of music.
  • Waking up at odd hours.
  • Waking up and watching horror movies alone.
  • Carving out the shapes on one’s skin
  • Watching videos sent by the administrator.
  • Self-mutilation
  • At the end of 50 days it is eventually suicide.

The participants have to share photos of task completed by them on social websites. For this they have to use various hashtags like #bluewhale challenge, #curator find me #i_am_whale etc.

FROM 2013 till today this game has taken many lives. No families have reported suicides on personal account but there have been many evidences that show deaths of mostly teenagers due to this game.  Teenage is a crucial age where a child is not able to differentiate between good or bad. In this age the mindset of a child can be changed very easily. Many teenagers involved themselves in this hazardous game, when some weird challenges were given most of them dropped the game at that point but a few who were emotionally weak continued the game and ended up their lives. There has been 130 deaths and 2 arrests in Russia itself. A 14 year old boy in Mumbai triggered about the game and a 16 year old in Kerala ended up his life, a 13 year old was stopped from jumping off.

Menaka Gandhi wrote letter to home minister asking to remove game from social media sites. Kerala chief Pinarayi urged to ban the game as many teenagers in Kerala are said to be playing this dangerous game.

Conclusion- According to me banning the game or removing it from social sites is not a solution as this game is mainly targeting the teenagers and if they really wasn’t to play they will definitely somehow manage to get the game downloaded. Instead we must educate teenagers about cyber safety and security. Parents should take care and let their kids use smartphones or computers in their presence. Government should also make parents aware about latest technologies and their uses as many parents are still not aware of them.

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