Can one normal song give U life lessons – Answer is yes

One fine day when we sit together and analyse our lives we see that there has been some void, something left behind, there was always a chance to something that happened bad to us, we do think that we could have improved it by doing something else but knowingly or un knowingly we ignored going that extra mile and we left ourselves beating around the bush because of which whatever was bound to happen to us happened and we had to face some circumstances. As mentioned bad can be an exam failure, or a breakup with your girlfriend, losing someone in the hands of death etc. Similarly if we talk about positives the same story goes for good deeds that happened to us for which we always thank god and worship him.

When we talk about god and worshiping him we certainly cannot ignore the sufi way of connecting to almighty. Let it be the lyrics or music or the fakirpana of sufi artists which doesn’t allow us to think even a word and compel us to move towards as them. As soon as they sing more and more notes you try to control your tears. Sufiism fills your heart with love, gratitude and great music which in turn allows your body and soul to naturally connect to god and try explore the world of energy. All positive off course but how to move towards that positive energy by leaving behind all that is existent and is attributed as negative energy in Vedas , which is seen by open eyes is important to know.

We recently came across a song which was penned by Baba Bulla Shah Ji (was a Punjabi humanist and philosopher. His first spiritual teacher was Shah Inayat Qadiri, a Sufi murshid of Lahore. Bulleh Shah gathered spiritual treasures under the guidance of his murshid and was known for the karamat (miraculous powers) he had.) Bulle Shah wrote below mentioned song and lyrics of which we will share the elaborated meaning. This song has been sung by Ahen and Gurmoh and we guarantee you that you will simply love this one.

SongRab Da Banda
Singer Ahen ft. Gurmoh
LyricsBaba Bulle Shah, Sadiq, Pradeep Vatish

Je tu rabb da banda ganda dhanda, Chad-da kyun nayi….

Meaning :- If you are almighty kid and his beloved then why don’t leave all your bad deeds. You must leave all your bad deeds as soon as possible.

Uthe buhe band milange,
Na tere naal ralange,
Tu tan bhar liyan apniyan jeban,
Uthe tan bande nang milange

Meaning :- When you leave this world for heavenly abode you will find the doors closed and people who will be present there will never talk to you because you have filled your pockets with hell lot of bad money and you will find all beggars and real human beings there.

Chauvi hazaar namaz fakkar di,
Tu panj kehdiyan padhda,
Bulleh Shah da ikko manka,
Maula maula karda

Meaning :- Fakir namaaz is for 24 hours what kind of Namaz or prayer you are doing for five times in a day. Bullah shah has only one manka and moti and he prays with it to the murshid and the maula. Basically he wants to say that why doing a lot of show off and running here and there why don’t you self introspect yourself.

Pehlan apne aap nu padh,
Fer mandir masjid vadh,
Jadon nawz jani teri khad,
Fer naal shaitana ladh

Meaning :- First read yourself and your deeds and then go to any mandir or Masjid or any place of worship. Once your namaz gets done then fight with all external evils to win them over once you win them over you will have almighty arms to be with.

Othe amana de hone ne nabede,
Kisse na teri jaat puchni,
Ve othe amana de hone ne nabede,
Kisse na teri jaat puchni

Meaning :- They will ask for your deeds once you leave for heavenly abode no one is going to ask your religion and faith of worship.

Assi labhde firde han uss nu,
Jihda pata tan dasda koi nayi,
Aithe bandeyan de rab baute ne,
Par rabb da banda koi nayi,
Bandeyan de rab baute ne,
Par rabb da banda koi nayi,
Buhe band milange..,
Tu tan bhar liyan apniyan jeban..,
Rab da banda ganda dhanda..,
Je tu rab da banda ganda dhanda..

Meaning :- We keep on finding him whose address is known to nobody, here on earth there are so many people who have their own versions of god but there is no one who is his child. You have filled your pockets with evil and you will find the doors closed there.

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