Death of Children in Gorakhpur

Over the past few days, deaths of children in Gorakhpur have been in news. It is really a news that fills the heart with great sorrow and grief. What is left behind is just the repentance on the death of such innocent souls. Children who the future generation of our nation, dying at such a rapid rate is just unacceptable.

According to reports more than 25000 children have died in Gorakhpur in last 40 years authorities blame encephalitis (encephalitis is an acute inflammation of the brain. The majority of cases are caused by either a viral infection or the immune system mistakenly attacking brain tissue.) Being the reason for the cause of death of children. Encephalitis wreaks havoc in monsoon season every has killed 4000 children and sickened nearly 25000 since 2010 in UP Baba Raghav Das i.e BRD Hospital had 386 child fatalities in august alone. It is a state run hospital in northern UP where 290 children died last month Dr. Kafeel Khan nodal officer was arrested along with seven more by STF(Special Task Force) as he was accused of stealing oxygen cylinders for his private clinic.

Dr. P K Gupta –head of BRD Hospital said that the deaths that took place in last 48 hours were due to encephalitis but others were due to medical complication.

It was claimed that the hospital ran out of oxygen due to which the deaths took place. Authorities deny this fact but newspapers reported that frantic calls were made to Pushpa Sales in order to restore oxygen. All this shows truly the negligent behavior of our government as well as the concerned authorities. In just 5 days 60 children died but nothing was done to resolve the issue by the government.

Prashant Trivedi –a top health official said that there was problem in pipeline whereas on the other side it was claimed that the hospital is going through a big amount of debt from Pushpa sales due to which the problem of supply of oxygen took place.

All of these above excuses cannot be sufficient for so many deaths and that too of children UP Government have been held responsible for deaths. The congress wanted Yogi Aditya Nath’s resignation. The government is accused of “criminal negligence” Mr. Narendra Modi was also asked to apologies for such a negligence on the part of government.

Move over government should definitely apologies to the families who have lost their children lives. It is matter of shame and a big government’s failure. Just go and ask a mother, how she feels when she loses her child in front of her eyes. Congress person Ajay Makan said that-“the prime minister uses twitter to say something about tragedies in USA or Turkey, but he has not found any word to console the families of dead children.

Whatever be the reason or excuse for the deaths, the main point is that so many children lost their precious lives which cannot be brought again.

Conclusion – Such a careless behavior from the hospital authorities as well as government is really not tolerable. Thus, the government should take responsibility and in future this negligence must not be repeated as children are the most crucial part of any nation.

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