Dogs: Perhaps the Best Companions of Man

Dogs: Perhaps the Best Companions of Man

While Robert Southey may have been referring to books in his poem titled ‘My Days Among The Dead Are Past’, the following two lines from that poem are perhaps the most apt lines that best describe dogs from the point of view of humans:-

My never-failing friends are they

With whom I converse day by day

  Robert Southey

A companion, a friend, a confidante, a partner, a fellow, a mate, a pal, a chum, an associate; the list of adjectives that can be attributed to this beautiful creation of God is endless.

The intensity and the depth of love that a dog and its owner share with each other can only be understood by them. What is so special about the love that a dog has for its owner is that it is unconditional. Pat your dog or shout at it, it will love you. Feed it or don’t, it will love you. Talk to it or stay indifferent, it will love you. In a nutshell, irrespective of what your attitude is towards the dog whom you have raised from a small pup, you are guaranteed to get loads and loads of unconditional love in return. Gratitude, it seems, is an inherent virtue of dogs. I am sure that upon reading these lines, dog owners will instantly realize the truth behind them.

This article aims at throwing light on the various aspects of choosing a dog as a pet. We request all those who are thinking of getting a dog as a pet to do consider the point of view presented in this article before finally arriving at a conclusion.

The plethora of varieties of dog breeds available out there is sure to attract one and all, with the dogs of each breed having some or the other positive point associated with them (say, for

Dogs Best Friends
Dogs Best Friends

example Labradors are considered to be intelligent as well as friendly). Moreover, a pedigreed dog has become a mark of the affluence and high social status of the family that owns it.

But have you ever pondered upon the fact that selective breeding of dogs to produce a hybrid that carries some intended traits, physical or behavioural, defies the very law of nature, the law of natural selection and evolution? Selective breeding, as opposed to ‘natural selection’, is synonymous with ‘artificial selection’. Moreover, the atrocities such as tail docking committed on certain dog breeds of the likes of the Boxer, the American Cocker Spaniel, the American Pit Bull Terrier and many more, in the name of ‘fashion set for that particular breed’ is clearly and undoubtedly an act of abject cruelty towards dogs. All these are but a few points that made us pen down this article and apprise the readers of a kind and compassionate approach towards adopting pups / dogs.

Following a humane approach, it is advisable to adopt a stray pup / dog. In this regard, I remember a very interesting incident that opened my eyes to the plight of stray dogs and led me to adopt a cute little pup from the streets. When I and my family decided to have a dog as a pet, out of ecstasy, I started researching about the various breeds of dogs and the pros and cons of having those breeds as pets in homes. While finally contemplating as to which breed to buy and the approximate amount of money that I would have to shell out from my pocket, I fortuitously came across these two very beautiful lines written on a flex board in the midst of a pet market:-

Don’t breed or buy

While the homeless die

Just a single glance of these lines moved me, so much so, that at that very instant, I decided to act upon these lines and dropped the idea of buying a pedigreed dog. And that’s when I found my pet, ‘Lucky’, a puny little pup wandering alone on the streets.

Dogs: Perhaps the Best Companions of Man
Dogs: Perhaps the Best Companions of Man

Today, reminiscing down the memory lane, when I visualize the past nearly 4 years that I have spent with ‘Lucky’, witnessing the little pup grow into a fine dog, I have come to know the fact that a street dog is equally intelligent as the most expensive pedigreed breed available anywhere in the world (by the way, just utter the word ‘lizard’ before Lucky and it instantly starts grunting and gazing at the ceiling of the room (having learnt on its own, right from its infant days, that garden lizards are usually found on the walls and ceilings of our home)). And as far as loyalty and the love and affection that a dog shares with its owner are concerned, I now know that these traits are inherent in dogs and believing that a well-bred dog is bound to be more loyal and love its owner more than the one wandering on the streets is a fallacy.

On that note, we leave you with a collection of photographs of street dogs sure to melt your heart in an instant, with the hope that these photographs might motivate you to adopt a street dog and save a life.


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