Funny Conversation between a Hardworking Dad and Nonsense Son

Conversations between Dad and Son have been a topic of discussion globally. A father son love journey can be compared to that of a girlfriend and a boyfriend. When the boy is young father loves him a lot and tries to give him everything so that when he grows up he takes good care of the father. Similarly son gives it back by loving his dad as much as he can when he is a child but when he starts growing up he starts developing his own thought processes and that’s where disagreement between Father son duo starts. Why we compared it to Girlfriend and Boyfriend is because their journey is also the same. They see each other, they like each other and then fall in love but once they start knowing each other they try to fall apart and part their ways.
A father always wants his son to be better than him so that he can boast of his son and gain popularity in the society. There is nothing wrong in it, but father forgets that under the weight of this expectation a son should remain a son. What happens is parents put this weight on children and then children start disagreement with them and hence parents feel bad and tensed.
A father never cares for rain, sun, cold always stands by his children to make them successful, in this entire journey he sacrifices his all needs and a Son understands his dad sacrifices only when he becomes a father himself. That’s the irony of the society because in Indian society there are instances with my friends where they barely talk to their dad because they are so afraid of him but from inside they respect their dad a lot.
While we discussed above all the nuances of Dad-Son conversation let’s discuss the funny part of it as well. If you take it lightly in the form of comedy then I am pretty sure you will die out laughing.
We at will share two videos here below. One is from the Movie Carry on Jatta where Grupreet Ghughi is having a funny chat with his dad and he is trying to make his dad understand that he wants to become big by not going though hardships like him but by getting married to a rich girl. His father who is an Inspector says that you know that our seven generation have died by earning respect and money through hardships to which Ghuggi says then what’s the use of such hardship if even generations can’t even earn this much money that I can sit here and enjoy. I feel I should call you “Door Ke daddy”. Poor Ghughi’s dad then said “I should’ve died before hearing this” to which Ghughi said “ think that I am not born and please try program of dying “. Don’t just take it too seriously it’s just a funny chat between both best comedians of Punjabi.

Second video is by one of the ACE comedians “Vipul goyal “on Indian Dads. He highlights about some of his colleagues who thought they were bought from somewhere and were not knowing the idea of sex and reproduction. Also Vipul Goyal highlights a conversation between three generations. Where grandfather accuses his son that’s Vipul/subjects father and Father accuses the subject.
Wow these are just great comedy videos on Dad and son conversation.

Conclusion: – Dads are just awesome they are like coconut hard from outside but soft from inside. Like mentioned in the article that a son knows importance of his dad once he himself becomes a father.

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