Hawww :- Shahrukh told Irrfan that you make potty films

Like every where there are 100’s of award functions where bollywood legends battle it out for top awards. After entire year of sheer hard work , competition, counting endless money or losing 1000’s of crores a hell lot things happen at Box office. And as we say “Yeh jo public hai sab jaanti hai “ uit depends on public to send a movie to 1000 crore club or to limit the box office to an extent where hardly any ticket is being sold. Public can be cruel like Ravana or kind like lord Rama or these celebs. So that’s why these award nights are of uber importance to these celebs. In the same fashion  61st filmfare awards were being organised by Filmfare and Filmfare is being considered as one of the most prestigious awards.

The event was being hosted by Shahrukh Khan “Badshah of bollywood” and ace Comedian Kapil Sharma. As we all know Sharukh is well known as King and he always mocks people from the fraternity to make the evenings more live and long lasting. In the similar fashion Shahrukh was mocking his films and bhommmmmmmmm Irrfan Khan stood up and said I don’t want to hear this shit anymore and I want to go to the Loo.

Complete Incident

Irrfan khan got up and went on the stage and said that “You think that you are king and you make crores, this is agreed but why don’t talk about inconventional films and why don’t you talk about great films like “Lunchbox and Piku” . You always talk about your films and always commercial films earning great money”  Sharukh replied to this and said that who stops you doing commercial films and so Irrfan mocked him by doing this


“Irfaan Showing finger to Shahrukh”


“Irrfan doing Shahrukh’s mimickry”


After this Shahrukh also laughed and entire industry burst into clapping and laughter. Shahrukh then did irrfan’s mimickry by showing his scene of a bathroom decorated with flowers and sitting on them and saying bad on contemporary films.

Conclusion :-

The cocnlusion here is that two great bollywood actors surprised everybody by starting a fight and then turning it into a comedy. Which we at Dhinchaak.com will say is a great exercise because it clearly says helps people laugh and destress themsleves.

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