Hindu Vs Muslims :- A centuries old debate or an India for all

“Vasudev Kutumbkam” a hindi phrase or a famous saying in India stands for that world is a family where all should stay together with love, care, emotions and progress together for the betterment of the society. Every Indian should treat another Indian as it’s brother or sister this is what has been mentioned in our constitution and this was also foundation of our independence struggle where each and every Indian irrespective of it’s cast, creed, color, race, gender stood together and faced atrocities laid their lives as well just for the future of coming generations. We at Dhinchaak.com believe that this is the only principle which is lacking these days. “Thinking about the future generations of India” nobody at all is worried about laying down the foundation of a new India which is going to compete Globally, which is going to present to the world a new highly skilled workforce irrespective of the industry everybody is busy satisfying his her personal agendas. Have we every asked these questions to ourselves, how these handful of people are able to satisfy their personal agendas, how any day it just takes seconds to burn cities into ashes, how any day a pig or a cow becomes a matter of death for human beings.

Since when did we as common citizens of India have become so agitated that we don’t even care if anyone is dying on the road or any women (whom we worship as Durga or kaali in temples barefoot and wait for queues) lying naked after being raped on the road and we just walk away. What kind of values are we going to teach to our children when we ourselves have this filthy mind set. A little bit of money in the banks and a car and a good smartphone to show off is what we have crafted ourselves as a successful human being and that’s where we don’t care much about these two bit politicians who try to divide us.

A Hindu point to the Muslim brother
Let’s start this one from history, frankly speaking as an Indian and we as a team at Dhinchaak really don’t know who were the people who used to live in this country some thousands year ago when a race called Muslims and Afghans tried to invade us but if it were Hindus, let us make this point that we were and we are a peace loving race we never invaded any country and never even bothered or tortured anyone. Anyone who invaded us we made him part of our society, as we fought back and won our land back and we lost much of it too but we made people part of our society. A society whose foundation we laid not on hatred but on love. Even when traitors like Mohammed Ali Jinaah categorically asked for a different nation for Muslims we accepted that by saying some of you can stay here if you want but we were thrown out of Pakistan. Everyday since ages we have been listening to Azaan’s though we don’t know the meaning of the same but we still respect the same and never protest. Every Friday, we empty parks and roads for you to offer Namaz. The way you respect our Holi-Diwali we too respect your EID and other festivals.

We know how to love and ignore whatever bad has happened to us . We gave our land to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh so that we can live freely and off late we are realising that our land is shrinking day by day. Someone someday stands up in Hyderabad and says that he will kill us in 25 minutes if police is removed, and other day someone in Kashmir asks for separate Kashmir nation, the other day in Kerala Pakistan flags are hoisted and in Bangalore India’s loss is celebrated. So if we agree to your points or your leaders point, We remove Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kerala, and Kashmir like we gave you Pak, Afghanistan and Bangladesh we will barely left with any country to live in. So what mistakes history has made, same cannot be repeated every year. We as your Hindu brothers accepted you even after giving Pakistan to Jinnah, and we will keep on loving you helping you, till the time you are hailing the idea of India. In which priorities are alike, benefits are alike, resources are alike and there is no difference between any caste and creed. We all have to understand that nations are built when each and every individual contributes a bit to the nation. There will be constraints but one has to rise above them to try and achieve. Dr. Kalaam did it, he was a Muslim, I am proud of him, everybody is proud of him. A humble, noble a genuine personality he was. He was loved all over the world because he knew the real idea of India and real meaning of being a Muslim. A true Muslim will never betray his country and will die for it like Abdul Hamid Ji and like the young lion of Kashmir Valley Mr. Umer Fayaz. History will never forget them. They were not Hindus and they were not Muslims they were citizens of India who knew meaning of being a true Indian, They could have also hoisted Pakistan flags, they could have also said that we will not sing Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Man but no, they were true by their soul and body, and that’s why they earned glory and respect from each Indian irrespective of the caste. And this is what a Hindu brother wants to say to his Muslim brother that don’t get disillusioned by one instance or one political speech from Hyderabad or Kashmir, just focus on India and you will get what you want.

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