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If we talk about the mobile phones then this millennial generation has seen at least a 10 types of generations of mobile phones , I still remember when I was in class seven – eighth one day my dad walked in with a device in his hand which was a Siemens phone with a small display and dim yellow light and said that this is the mobile phone with a escotel connection in Uttar Pradesh and is going to cost some ten rupees for incoming and some sixteen rupees for outgoing but the benefit of the mobile phone was that you can carry it anywhere and he just bought it to experiment what the device was. We can call it as second generation of mobile phones. At that time he bought that device as a second hand one and it cost him around 10000 bucks so all his savings were gone and he had no option to get it financed way back in 1998-99.

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Then came the second generation of mobile phones comparatively small in size with torch and SMS service integrated and were costing like 6000-7000 as new ones and were majorly being manufactured by Nokia and these were like Nokia 1100, 3310, 3315 etc kind of series .

Third generation was the Nokia 6600 types, then came Motorola razor phones with flap, then came Noika 72 and 73 series phones and so on and so forth. The common thing back then and at that time was if you want to buy a phone you have to break your piggy bank or you have to keep saving till the time you don’t reach that 10k-30k bracket of spends.

We have best of generations of phones now and they are now called as smartphones, phones today range from 6k-100k and guess what is the amazing part of the story you can buy these phones at easy EMI’s, with Home Credit zero percent interest and zero down payment options. Have you ever thought of this kind of service available at the nearest shop near you? Isn’t it amazing that Home Credit Now you can policy allows you to flaunt your loved smartphone at no cost of interest and also with just two documents an aadhar card and one address proof. This is so easy process that you will get approvals within ten minutes (this is what the company claims). If we talk about smartphone market then we have seen the growth , you move on any road you can see big hoardings and brand endorsements for brand like Oppo and Vivo they have pasted all there stickers at every nook and corner of the market so aggressive is there branding.

Home Credit is a Czech Republic based consumer finance company which claims to have 200000 employees across the globe and they have partnerships with Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Panasonic and other brands like Karbonn, Gionee as well they are offering phones manufactured by these companies at their 20000 outlets in India. You can visit their website for more details by clicking here (www.homecredit.co.in) (paste our affiliate link here)

Home Credit also deals in consumer durable loans, personal loans, two wheeler loans, Home credit mini cash loan etc.

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