Life is what we make it….. Believe in Yourself

WHAT IS LIFE? This is just a simple and a short question but different people in this world will answer it differently based on their experiences, hardships and happiness they get from LIFE. According to me, LIFE IS A “BOOK OF LESSONS”. God has given us life but what we get from it depends on the “karma “we do, Love, family, relations are merely a part of life .One should remain strong even in hard times.

Some people become really disheartened when bad times fall upon them but the positive thoughts have so much power in them that if we have really a strong belief then nothing in this world can cause us harm. It is only the belief system which lets you to do good or bad deeds. Let us take some examples:-

  • A terrorist becomes a terrorist because he believes that whatever he is doing is right but in reality he is causing a great harm to the world. It is his belief system that is making him to do such deeds.
  • Similarly an IPS officer becomes an officer because he has a strong belief in himself.
  • A person climbing Everest, or a person becoming an Astronaut etc. They all believe in themselves and that is the reason they are able to succeed.
  • We all have heard stories of people living their life from “RAGS TO RICHES” OR from “RICHES TO RAGS”. There are numerous examples of people who have gone through a journey Of rags to riches like Mr.Amitabh Bacchan, Mr. Dhiru bhai ambani, Akshay kumar, Boman irani, Johny walker, Rajnikanth, Shahrukh khan and many more. Today they all are well known names of our country because they believed in themselves and as it is said “GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.”


THE definition of life varies from person to person. What we get from life is what we want to give to ourselves. Winning a battle is much easier than winning over your own inner conflicts. If we conquer on our own self then we can achieve whatever we desire.

CONCLUSION: Thus as said above “LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT”. SO TRY TO LIVE,LOVE AND ENJOY LIFE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN BECAUSE SORROW IS VERY EASY TO BRING BUT SHARING HAPPINESS IS A GREAT DEAL.THIS WORLD IS FULL OF GRIEF, SO SCATTER the love everywhere  and try not to harm anyone in anyway because there is an ultimate power who knows each and everything.

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