Rail or Derail :- Who is at fault and why the mango man has to suffer

Since last 100 years trains have been an important part of any journey not only in India but also abroad. When we were kids we were always told about great poems that were written in trains, we were told about how Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of a train when he was only Gandhi and that was the only thing that embarked his journey to become a Mahatma, who doesn’t know about famous kakori incident where great Indian revolutionaries looted the train and ran away. These are just few of the instances and if we go page by page of history we will find many more be it Darjeeling’s toy train or Delhi’s Rail museum kids have always found there love in trains.

Now imagine a trip that you planned with your family for vacations through any of the trains which is part of India’s 63000 km Rail line. You are having the best of it, with chips and tea served at any of the local platforms, a little bit smell of poori-sabzi is enough to tempt your taste buds to extreme and compel you to buy one for you without caring about the hygiene or quality of edibles used. Such is the love of trains that we have. Suddenly the train moves and catches speed, one two three !!!!! and it’s Bang Bang Bang in spur of seconds it’s all gone. It’s all messed up because the authorities left it that way. Because of negligence of the machinery 100’s are killed. What about their families. What about their kids, there were so many of them who were sole bread earners for the family.

If you are thinking that we are talking about recent train tragedy at Khatauli Uttar Pradesh then you are extremely right. At times we think and say “System Ka mazaak banaya hua hai bc”, “Kya Bakchodi hai kabhi koi koi” “Sab Politics hai Yaar “ in front of our TV sets with coffee cups in hand it’s very easy. But if we take a back and think , this could any day happen with us or our families or our relatives. Such tragedies shouldn’t be easier to digest.

In this case it’s complete negligence of authorities. Why are we saying this because one of our colleagues used to study somewhere near to this area in his engineering times. And when he heard about this news he was completely devastated because this is the same area where a small bridge was in a rickety condition or past ten years. When he used to go to college via train , the train used to slow down there for a while and he told us that they used to mock it by saying “Bhai aaj toh bhagwan ne bachaa liya, agli baar pataanahi kya hoga” as per the normal human nature. Locals did some complaints too but no one paid any heed to it.

What is more painful is that when you ask people who are at the helm of affairs , they first constitute a committee, then they seek reports which eventually take a decade by that time either the rail minister is gone or there is no trace of the chief minister. This is the best trick our politicians play out of the judiciary in India. Rail which is considered to be one of the safest mode of transport has been trying to improve off late but unable to cope up with rising demand and scarce supply. Governments too have decent formula to follow. The existing one blames the previous one and the previous one blames the existing one.

In all this circus , the mango man who only wanted to reach the destination pays a very small price by sacrificing his life in the hands of dead judiciary, naked politicians, irrelevant committees.

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