What?? If I were My Mother

If I were my mother, I could not have done so much that she did. I would have thought for myself being a bit selfish and not rendering my services so selflessly. Mother is a word which cannot be described in merely words. She is the purest sole in the whole world. Becoming a mother is the most beautiful experience for a women. She plays so many different roles in a single life. From breastfeeding till growing up no child can repay her debts. Sometimes she becomes a friend, sometimes a teacher, child, actor, dancer, mentor etc. She does everything to keep her child happy.

She keeps working for all her life from day to night, doesn’t even get enough sleep but still she keeps smiling. After working for 16 -17 hours a day, she also feels exhausted and wants some rest but she doesn’t get that because she finds out some other task to do.

I have seen my mother sacrificing her wishes to fulfill my dreams. She has gone through so many hurdles in life but didn’t even show her grief. From the god’s grace she is a teacher. She teaches others the lessons of life but never thinks about herself. Just keeping her own children in mind and their future she keeps on working all the time.in the morning when I get up, I see her preparing food in kitchen for us, then running for her school and while going she says “don’t forget to keep your lunch in your bag”. When she return from school again she directly goes to kitchen asking what I wish to eat and we are so selfish that we will never tell her to make whatever she wants to eat instead put up more and more demands. When buying a saree for herself, she thinks hundred times but for buying my dress she doesn’t even think once. When I used to fall ill she couldn’t sleep whole night. When I used to sleep without eating anything at night, she would wake me up and say “beta raat ko khali pet nahi sote”, please eat something. But today when i am married and my mother is not there with me, there is nobody to even ask whether I have eaten something or not.

There is a English play named “MOTHE’S DAY”  in which the children doesn’t care about their mother but they realize her importance when she stops rendering all her services and starts behaving the way they used to behave with her. I have also done something similar to my mother. I realized her importance when i myself became a parent. Children mostly forget the sacrifice done by their mother after marriage or after becoming successful but one thing we all should remember is that nothing in this world is above your mother and noone can love you more than her. Sometimes I have also been rude to her because she repeats one thing so many times, so today holding my ears I want to apologies to her  for all my mistakes, for being loud, for not caring for her, for being so self-obsessed.

Conclusion: If I were my mother, I could not really do what she did, so I salute her and I would only like to say that she is above God. If you care for your mother you will definitely find heaven because once we are kids she enjoys our childhood and once we grow up it is time for us to enjoy her childhood, so pamper your mother as you pamper your own child. Love You Maa.

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