When Baba Ramdev called Eggs as Hen Shit!!!- What will egg eaters do now

If you sit in a group of six- seven people all your age group guys or your peers and you start a debate on vegetarian food and Non vegetarian food believe you me it will be an endless debate. Non-vegetarian guys always look towards veg guys as downtrodden people. And that’s why this debate never goes off without any dirty argument or any shitty comments by one friend to another. This happens because people have different set of lifestyle and preferences the problem occurs when one set of lifestyle tries to overpower the other. The society at last needs to think maturely that we as human beings have been designed to digest both vegetarian and non vegetarian food so we can eat both. I am a vegetarian but I don’t have any issues if my friends have it.

When legends jump into debate

Baba Ramdev a well known yoga guru from one of the best countries in the world that is India, claims to have cured a lot if people by making them leave these habits and choose a healthy vegan lifestyle. Baba Ramdev himself promotes use of cow urine for medicines and suggests scientifically the benefits of the same to people. By doing so Ramdev critics claim that he has created an industry worth rupees 11000 crores and giving a tough competition to global FMCG companies like P&G, Hindustan Unilever, Reckkit benckiser etc for that matter. Ramdev is strongly connected with politicians so he get rids of things he says. While addressing one of his sessions he said that “People are going mad over this egg and egg what is this egg, where this egg comes from from anus if hen, and what is it that comes out of your anus, tel me comeon it’s shit so whatever comes out of hen’s anus is also shit so how can you promote the use of shit and how can people eat shit”

We respect Baba Ramdev a lot because he is the one who has started a Yoga revolution in the country and people are becoming lot and lot more aware on their health. But using this kind  language doesn’t support the stature he possess in India.

Look out for the video below

Baba Ramdev Quotes in Hindi “Re Baawla Ho gaya hai key o ke baat hai anda khaave hai andaa to goo jisa hove hai, kalyug main pata lagya ke murgi ke goo main bhi protein ho sakta hai agar uske goo main protein ho sakta hai to tere goo main kya ho sakta hai” which means in English “you mad guy why ddo you eat eggs if eggs come out of hen and can be considered as shit so now if it’s hen shit and it has protein then what all will your shit have”


Eggs cannot be shit and shit cannot be eggs. Eat what you believe is good but do try to follow Baba Ramdev for his perfect advice on yoga.

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